How To Tell If Your Replacement Laptop Battery Is Genuine

How To Tell If Your Replacement Laptop Battery Is Genuine

Laptops are not very different from conventional computers. They function in the same way, and they allow you access to the same features. However, laptops are set apart by the fact that they are portable. The portability of laptops is enabled by their use of batteries and their inbuilt CPU. However, even with an inbuilt CPU, if your laptop does not have a correctly-functioning battery, it will not qualify as a portable device. This is because you will have to keep it plugged in while using it. This element speaks to the importance of laptop batteries. 

Therefore, you need to make sure that the battery is functioning at optimal capacity all the time. Sometimes you may have to replace your laptop battery due to performance issues. In this case, it is imperative that you get a genuine HP battery or any other brand.

How to tell if your replacement laptop battery is genuine

The market is currently swarmed with a wide range of dealers selling replacement laptop batteries. Sadly, some of these sellers do not sell genuine products.

Below are some tips for checking whether a laptop battery is genuine;

1. Test the condition of the battery

If you have a laptop from brands like HP, you should be able to do this effortlessly. HP provides a battery check tool that you can use to test a battery's condition before spending your money. You can do this through the hardware diagnostics tool or support assistance. If you are using any other laptop brand, you can test the battery condition using a battery health manager or before windows start.

All you have to do is look up the best way to test your battery's condition depending on the brand. Most of the methods available are pretty easy to perform. Doing this will help you make the right decision before giving away your money.

2. Check the product number

Every laptop brand and model features a product number. This is mainly because their components differ. Therefore, one battery cannot be used in all or more than one laptop model. Therefore, naturally, before purchasing your replacement laptop battery, you have to check the product number. You ought to do the same thing when purchasing so that you do not get a fake battery or one that will not be compatible with your machine.

The product number should be at the back of your machine or written on the battery. You can also source your product number from your brand's support assistance or the product label.

3. Check the reputation of the seller

Another way to ensure that you get a genuine laptop battery is by purchasing from reputable sources. The best thing to do if you are looking for an HP battery would be to shop through the HP parts store. You can do the same with any other brand. However, if this option is not available for you, you can always look up stores with the best customer reviews and ratings.


Shopping for a new laptop battery does not have to be challenging. All you have to do is know the type of product you want and look for the best and most reputable seller. However, it would help if you always were on the lookout for scammers and fake products.