Is It Okay To Wet Your Burgundy Human Hair Wig?

Is It Okay To Wet Your Burgundy Human Hair Wig?

If there's one thing we have very little control over, it has to be weather. There's no telling where the rains would meet you, especially when you're wearing a human hair wig. Unless you're familiar with human hair wigs, it's easy to see why you would panic or think the rains may have damaged the wig.

This is one of the major differences between an original human hair wig and a counterfeit. One major advantage of buying a quality burgundy human hair wig is that it can easily be washed when it gets dirty. As long as you follow the right steps to wash these human hair wigs, water wouldn't affect the integrity of the hair.

What happens if your burgundy human hair wig gets wet?

It is okay for your burgundy human hair wig to get wet, as you also have to wash it at some point. Also, the situation that makes the human hair wig get wet might be out of your control, so it is quite understandable. What you need to worry about is not allowing the wig to stay wet for too long. There could be after effects to this, which might result in damaging the wig entirely.

If your burgundy human hair wig stays wet for long, it could get soaked and smelly, which is a bad condition for a human hair wig. This can cause the hair to tangle and make brushing and stylish unnecessarily difficult. There are other negative effects of letting your burgundy human hair wig stay wet for a long time. So, you may need to make it dry as soon as you can.

How can you get your burgundy human hair wig to stay dry?

Irrespective of what caused your human hair wig to get wet, you'll need to ensure to know how to get it dry the right way. Drying your wig under the sun is not advisable, as the process might further damage the wig. The color of the wig might get altered in the process. When it comes to drying human hair wigs, it's always best to use a hairdryer. Just like with normal human hair, hair dryers offer better and safer results.

Using a hairdryer to dry your burgundy human hair wig

As stated, using a hairdryer to dry your wet burgundy human hair wig is safe and not difficult, contrary to what most people think. First, you need to drain the excess water from the wig by using a towel to soak up most of the moisture. When you have done this, place the burgundy human hair wig on a safe spot and use the hairdryer to dry the hair gradually.


The burgundy human hair wig is the best of its kind. You can get it wet and wash it when necessary. However, the wig should not stay wet for long. You can use a blowdryer to dry the human hair wig. It's always best to remove the excess moisture from it with a towel before using a hairdryer for maximum results.