Keep Your Cargo Safe with Todco Style Truck Door Lock

Keep Your Cargo Safe with Todco Style Truck Door Lock

When it involves securing your valuables in the truck on roads, a dependable lock on your container truck's roll-up door is paramount. Enter Todco door locks, a trusted solution for lots of truck owners. So, securing your truck's shipment is cardinal, especially at some point of lengthy hauls or deliveries. The Todco Style Truck Door Lock 69571 & Keeper 69572 provide peace of mind with their maximum safety capabilities. This article will delve into the sector of todco door lock, exploring their functions, blessings, and why they are probably the precise fit for your truck.

What is a Todco Door Lock?

Todco door locks are specially designed for securing field truck roll-up doors. This strong latch and keeper assembly paintings collectively make sure your shipment remains secure and guarded.

There are 2 key components to a Todco door lock machine:

Todco Style 69571 Lock Latch Assembly

This is the principle locking mechanism that attaches to the roll-up door itself. It applies a spring-assisted layout that continues the door tight towards the sill, lowering stress and wear at the door. The black E-coat finish gives an additional layer of safety in opposition to rust and corrosion.

Todco Style 69572 Lock Keeper Assembly

This element is mounted on the truck frame and acts as the counterpart to the latch assembly. It's designed to deal with padlocks and door seals, supplying a further layer of security.

Benefits of Todco Door Locks

Todco door locks provide numerous benefits for field truck drivers/owners:

  • These locks are built with strength and reliability in mind. The sturdy construct excellent deters capability ruin-ins, giving you peace of mind at the same time as on the road.
  • The spring-assisted latch meeting allows less stress at the door, minimizing put on and tear. The E-coat finish protects the metallic additives from the factors, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • These locks are made to blend in with the majority of roll-up, rear truck doors. They are therefore a versatile substitute for a huge variety of trucks.
  • These door locks are easy to install and use. They combine seamlessly with existing padlocks, needing the least quantity of setup change on your truck.

How to Care for Your Todco Door Lock

Like any mechanical part, keeping them maintained increases the life of your Todco door lock. Here are a few simple recommendations:

  • Regularly look for signs of wear and tear on the lock and keeper.
  • To guarantee simple and safe functioning, lubricate or oil the latch portion's moving components.
  • Dust them once a day to keep them clear of debris and grime.
  • Use high-quality padlocks that come with a keeper for optimal security.

By following these steps, you may make certain your Todco door lock maintains to feature reliably for future years.


Todco door locks offer a robust and consumer-pleasant answer for securing your field truck's roll-up door. Their emphasis on energy, sturdiness, and simplicity of use makes them a popular desire for truck proprietors throughout various industries. If you are seeking a dependable manner to shield your shipment, a Todco door lock is probably the correct addition to your safety features.